Saturday, April 15, 2017

North Korea Attempted Missile Launch On Sunday, Failed

Zero Hedge by Tyler Durden -- 

After Saturday came and went without any provocation out of North Korea on its national holiday, many asked if Kim Jong-Un had finally learned his lesson.

Well, according to South Korean news agency, not only did Kim not learn any lesson - or heed Trump's warning that a nuclear test or missile launch would be grounds for a US military strike - but Kim was not even successful in properly defying the US as according to the Joint Chiefs of the South Korean army,  North Korea fired an unidentified missile but the test failed. The incident occurred a day after Kim Jong Un oversaw an elaborate military parade in the center of Pyongyang as the world watched for any provocations that risk sparking a conflict with the U.S.

According to a US official quoted by CBS, the launched missile was not an intercontinental ballistic missile, which North Korea has claimed to possess but has never successfully tested.  It’s unclear why the missile failed.


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