Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Piers Morgan Asks Why U.S. Media Won't Cover Christian Genocide By Radical Muslims

Daily Wire by Frank Camp --

On Monday, Piers Morgan asked an incredibly insightful question on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight. Why are American journalists essentially ignoring the massacre in Egypt?
Here's the pertinent portion of the exchange between Morgan and host Tucker Carlson:

CARLSON: "You sent out a tweet right after this [bombing in Egypt] saying: 'This will not get the attention of massacres is Europe, but it should.' Why won't it, do you think?"

MORGAN: "I think, unfortunately, if it happens in the Middle East, this kind of atrocity, it just does not seem to attract the kind of media attention in America that it would if it happened, as we've seen with the attacks in Sweden, the last few days, in London two weeks ago. I was there for that - huge attention in the American Media. In Paris, in Nice, these get huge attention. And yet what happened in Egypt was unbelievably significant.

If you look at what ISIS really stands for, what they are carrying out now in the Middle East - and in Egypt in particular - is a kind of genocidal attack on Christians and Christianity.


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