Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ryan's Best Hope to Avoid a Shutdown: Making Friends With Pelosi

The Freedom Caucus is standing in the way of keeping  the government funded by an ill-advised New Paul Ryan Omnibus bill. Paul Ryan will need Democrats to get it passed. I applaud th Freedom caucus for standing in the way of a terrible bill that features items that the GOPe wants but Trump voters are against. Trump voters wish he was closer to the Freedom Caucus and not the Gop establishment.


There may be only one way for Speaker Paul Ryan to avoid a government shutdown: Ask his Democratic counterpart, Nancy Pelosi, for help.

The problem is, the two don’t have much history of deal-making together. They don’t even know each other that well.

But after spending weeks trying -- so far unsuccessfully -- to ram through legislation to undo Democrats’ signature health-care law, Ryan will almost certainly need Pelosi’s support to keep the government open after April 28, when current funding expires.

On issues like spending, however, Republicans will need Democratic votes even in the House. That’s because a sizable group of GOP conservatives, led by the House Freedom Caucus, are expected to oppose the omnibus spending measure currently being negotiated in bipartisan, closed-door talks.
Both Democrats and Republicans say those talks are going well, but it will take the personal involvement of the leaders -- particularly Ryan and Pelosi -- to resolve the last few sticking points and get something over the finish line.


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