Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Student Told to Ditch “Offensive” Pro-Trump Poster at Today Show Event at UNIVERSITY of OKLAHOMA

By Todd Starnes, Fox

Al Roker, the Today Show’s chief weather-guesser, has been crisscrossing the fruited plain attempting to set world records at various universities.

On March 27 Roker helped students at the University of Oklahoma set the world record for largest human image of a cloud and largest human image of a lightning bolt.

Civil engineering major Levi Kell was not among the students who set the world record inside the university’s football stadium. That’s because Levi was escorted from the premises after he refused to turn over a homemade poster supporting President Trump.

Levi’s sign read, “Trump is our president.” The letters “OU” were colored in Sooner red.

An unnamed woman stopped him and told Levi he would not be allowed to enter the stadium with the sign.

I invited Levi to tell his story on my Fox News Talk radio program.
“She said that Trump is not a positive figure to have on our campus or the Today Show,” he said. “I said, ‘Ma’am, it’s just stating a fact – that Trump is our president.”

She relented and allowed Levi to enter the stadium – only to be stopped by a second individual.

“He said that I could not have the sign in the stadium because Trump is offensive,” he recounted.

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[Shaw: What is going on here with a pro-Trump sign being removed from an event at the University Of Oklahoma is just the silliness of political correctness. The only place political correctness can be found in OK is maybe the state's colleges. The people of Oklahoma are friendly, hard-working people most of them live in faith-based strong family orientated communities.

Oklahoma is the reddest state in America. In two elections Barack Obama didn't win a single county. Most of the problems found in the rest of the country are not found here.

The University of Oklahoma is a few miles south of Oklahoma City, a city of over a million citizens. OU is desperate to be seen as leading Politically Correct college. The faculty strives to be as well know for it's liberalism as UT in Austin Texas, the fast growing liberal mecca in the red state south west region. OU loves the publicity Mr. Todd Starnes is giving them. It's OU's chance to belong to the big league progressive college club. By the way, i have lived in OKC the last twenty yearsso I have had time to have observed the OU scene.]

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