Saturday, April 8, 2017

Then and now: Mitch McConnell’s epic reversal on bombing Syria

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I hate to pick on him, and not just because he’s basking today justifiably in the glory of his greatest accomplishment as majority leader, getting a conservative confirmed to fill Antonin Scalia’s seat. He’s being singled out here but he doesn’t deserve to be: McConnell’s epic flip-flop on the virtues of bombing Assad makes him no different from many other Republicans in Congress, as this cringe-inducing CNN piece details. In fact, the atrocity in Syria this week has inadvertently created an almost laboratory-quality experiment in partisanship. It’s the same country, the same war, the same foreign leader, even the same transgression, a chemical-weapons attack that killed civilians. (One difference: The 2013 attack was even deadlier than this attack was.)

And yet the reactions within the GOP are very different. How come?

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