Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump Admin Sets Its Sights On MS-13


Daily Caller by Alex Pheiffer -- 

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions both spent Tuesday morning targeting the street gang MS-13.

The president signed an executive order shortly after getting into office which called for the Department of Justice to convene a task force to go after transnational criminal organizations such MS 13. MS 13, whose formal name is Mara Salvatrucha, is primarily run out of El Salvador and started in the 1990s after a wave of deportations from the United States.

Trump, however, blamed open border policies by former President Barack Obama for the spread of the gang in the U.S. “The weak illegal immigration policies of the Obama Admin. allowed bad MS 13 gangs to form in cities across U.S. We are removing them fast!,” Trump tweeted.

The attorney general pegged the number of MS 13 members as 30,000 in El Salvador and 10,000 spread out across 40 states.
Sessions listed recent horrific crimes committed by MS-13 gang members, such as, “two teenage girls in Los Angeles who were killed with machetes and baseball bats.”


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