Sunday, April 9, 2017

Trump supporters are not happy about missile strikes on Syria

--I am not entirely happy about the Syrian strike but there were at least 5 reasons it happened.
Two are good reason. A show of force to Assad that we won't continues with the urrent situation and it was a show of power to Russia and China. Here are other views:

Middleeasteye by Charles B. Anthony

No more foreign wars: that was one of the key promises Donald Trump made to his supporters on the campaign trail to become US president.

In October, while dining at his Trump National Doral golf resort in Miami, the then-Republican candidate Trump said: "What we should do is focus on ISIS. We should not be focusing on Syria… You’re going to end up in World War Three over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton.”

No surprise then that today those key supporters who voted for Trump are not that happy with his decision to strike Assad in Syria after a chemical attack in Idlib on Tuesday. And they have taken to Twitter to voice their opposition: here's what some of the more prominent voices have said...


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