Saturday, April 8, 2017

Valerie Jarrett’s Friend is a Candidate for Reince Priebus’s Job If He’s Fired


Great post by the Sentinel. Good to know about Dina Habib.
My question to Pres Trump. Do we need or want any Arabs in the Trump adminstration especially an Arab friends with Valarie Jarrett? And I was hoping Muslim out reach programs ended with Barack Obama.  -- 

Independent Sentinel by Sara N.

Reince Priebus might be on his way out as the President’s Chief of Staff and one of the names coming up as a possible replacement is Dina Habib Powell. She is currently the U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy.

According to Politico, the 46-year-old Goldman Sachs executive is being considered as a replacement for Reince Priebus, Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff.

Dina Habib Powell, 43, a former executive with Goldman Sachs, is the first Arab-American to join the Trump White House but the fourth Goldman Sachs employee which includes Steve Bannon who also might be on his way out because of his arguments with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and adviser.


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