Wednesday, April 19, 2017

War Footing China tests missiles on deadly new destroyer ship near North Korea as it warns it’s getting troops ‘battle ready’

-- If this is accurate, a warning in your own back yard by China would be impressive.

The Sun

CHINESE military leaders have revealed they are testing their latest missile-laden destroyer in waters close to North Korea.

The manoeuvres come as the communist country warned a “storm is about to break” on the Korean peninsula.

Tensions have reaching boiling point after the US moved warships to the area and Pyongyang stepped up a threat to defend itself with nukes in the face of pressure from President Donald Trump.

The Chinese ship’s missile systems are being tested in the Yellow Sea – which separates China from the Korean peninsular.

Xining was unveiled in January and boasts a deadly arsenal of weapons designed for missions including air defence and submarine warfare.


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