Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Backlash: Americans Stand Up for Sean Hannity

AmerSpectator   by Jeffrey Lord

Enough is enough.

Five years ago, this space featured two back-to-back columns titled “Rally for Rush and “The Plot to Get Rush.” The focus was a serious attempt by the far-left, race-card playing site Media Matters to force Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves by pressuring his sponsors to cease their connection with the show. The attack on Rush (over the Sandra Fluke incident) would fail — and it failed for one big reason. That would be Rush’s audience, which did in fact rally for Rush by directly contacting the handful of withdrawing sponsors to let them know that as customers of their products they would be no longer. One departing sponsor saw its stock dive, another begged to return (Rush said no) and most importantly Rush sailed on.

This time? This time the Media Matters target is Sean Hannity.

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