Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Colbert, Trump, and the Roots of Liberal/Progressive Rage

I have never seen America so angry -- and I've been around for a while.
I remember well 1968 when the Chicago Seven (I knew several of them) led the protests at the Chicago convention.  The whole world was watching. And the following year came the Days of Rage in the same city, when dozens of people were injured and 280 members of the Weather Underground were arrested.  The year after that (1970) some of those same Weather people accidentally detonated a bomb in a Greenwich Village townhouse, resulting in the deaths of two of the bomb makers and causing disruption in the life of Dustin Hoffman and his wife who happened to live next door.
Violent times indeed. Of course something was going on that stimulated those events -- the Vietnam War, for which roughly 650,000 young Americans were drafted of whom nearly 18,000 died.  Adding in the volunteers, the number of our fatalities rose to 58,220.

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