Friday, May 5, 2017

Coulter on budget deal: ‘No point in ever voting for a Republican again’

The Hill
Conservative commentator and President Trump supporter Ann Coulter slammed the latest bipartisan budget deal as “a bill straight out of George Soros' dream journal" in a Wednesday column.

"If this is the budget deal we get when Republicans control the House, the Senate and the presidency, there's no point in ever voting for a Republican again," wrote Coulter in a column titled "SWAMP PEOPLE: 47; TRUMP: 0."

"Not only is there no funding for a wall, but -- thanks to the deft negotiating skills of House Speaker Paul Ryan [R-Wis.] -- the bill actually prohibits money from being spent on a wall."

In addition to Ryan, Coulter took aim at "ridiculously chipper" Trump budget director Mick Mulvaney, whom she said “described the bill's prohibition on building a wall as a MAJOR win. (At least Mulvaney said it in English, unlike his all-Spanish 2014 townhall.)"


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