Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Do you Finally 'Get It' ? The GOP doesn't work for You, 'We the People'

By Jack Shaw

Yesterday Congress released an Omnibus Spending Bill that will fund the government into September 2017. Some of the Ugly, heart-breaking details below. Why heartbreaking because you now realize the GOP does not work for the people.This will never change.

The bill does not include ANY funding for President Trump's promised wall on the border with Mexico.

Funds for Sanctuary cities and Planned Parenthood are in the bill.

There are no cuts to the EPA.

Money for Obamacare subsidies will remain in effect.

Let's have anymore 'we gave the GOP the Senate , we gave the GOP the House We gave the GOP the President'  and stop the 'They (GOP) haven't given us what we want.' All of that is true, it will never change-stop saying it!

Give up the 'Get Paul Ryan out, give us a new Speaker.' A change in speaker will not stop the house following the Globalist agenda.

Let's also have no more cries of 'We will vote them out!'  as you now know changing a few seats, changing Speakers doesn't change a thing -- the people will never get what they want. Congress doesn't work for you. Congress works for a mammoth, outside-of-American government entity made up of of Globalist, multinational corporations, Super billionaire Donors, special interest.
Congress pushes the agenda of this mainly globalist entity.

Face it,we have no control of the Congress.

Remember Donald Trump running as an'outsider?'

It turns out We the People are the outsider.

Other than President Trump we the people have Nothing in Washington.

I am not sure this entity/system that now controls America can be dismantled.
The American people have not been in this position since before the Revolution in the 1700s.

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