Monday, May 8, 2017

#FakeHistory: CBS Analyst Says Holocaust Caused By Nationalism

DailyWire by R.Kratchik

All the worst events of the 20th century took place because of the triumph of identity over idealism in Europe,” said Michael Gerson on Sunday’s Face The Nation, hosted by John Dickerson.
In discussing France's presidential election, Gerson implied that Marine Le Pen and National Front — nationalistic political movements, more broadly — threaten to usher in violence reminiscent of the 20th  century’s bloodiest wars and genocides.

The Holocaust and communist-driven mass murders of the last century, suggested Gerson, were functions of national identity overcoming “transnational ideals." No explanation of "transnational ideals" was offered by Gerson, nor was he invited by any of Face the Nation's guest panelists or the show's host to articulate the nature of "transnational values."

No mention was made of the anti-Semitic dimension of Nazi ideology or communism's commodification of human lives. As Gerson ignored broader historical forces shaping the 20th century's deadliest events, none of his Face the Nation colleagues challenged his historical analysis.


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