Sunday, May 14, 2017

I support Trump — but he’s annoying us all

NYPost/by Micheal Goodwin

Not long ago, a friend was reciting things she needed to do before celebrating Passover with her family: preparing the ritual foods, doing something special for her grandchildren and making room for her daughter’s in-laws.

Exhausted by the list, she looked at me and said, “It’s not easy being Jewish.”

I know the feeling. I’m a Donald Trump supporter.

The president rarely makes it easy on the faithful, often testing his tribe through errant word and deed. Even on his best days, he manages to insert a hurdle or two or 10.

The James Comey affair is the perfect example. On substance, Trump made the absolute right call. Comey had to go, with his blunders on the Hillary Clinton case reason enough. And there were many others.

Yet being right isn’t enough in Washington, and being Trump raises the bar exponentially. The Democratic left and the media (I know, that’s redundant) get out of bed ready to pounce.

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