Monday, May 15, 2017

Moonbat Brothers – Tapper and Clapper Conduct Couples’ Grief Therapy Session Over DC Swamp Draining, Video…

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Trump Derangement Syndrome is real – Former journalist Jake Tapper and former ODNI James Clapper conduct a broadcast couples therapy discussion on the impact of Washington DC’s swamp draining.

Their collective grief session included a discussion of how President Trump was resetting the system of checks-and-balances by firing political appointees of the prior executive administration.  You have to watch the segment to fully grasp the level of stupid.

Sad faces abound as they console each other that a new administration actually removed the political appointees of the prior administration.  This action, according to their logic, is akin to the removal of one of the three branches of co-equal government; though they never actually do get around to explaining how the Legislative branch, or Judicial Branch have been removed by the Executive branch.  Funny that.

You cannot make this level of moonbattery up.  Virtuous defender of the republic Jake Tapper actually said: “because he’s firing the checks and balances

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