Sunday, May 7, 2017

The critical coal plant Trump may not be able to save


A coal plant located thousands of miles from Appalachia could close in two years. And when that happens, it won’t be white, working-class Americans who are devastated — but an entire Native American nation.

At the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) in Arizona, the majority of its workers are members of the Navajo Indian tribe, and the shut-down will crush its people, already faced with a grim economic situation on the reservation.

“Our unemployment rate already exceeds 47 percent,” said Russell Begaye, president of the Navajo Nation. “There will be over 900 direct plant jobs and an additional 2,300 indirect jobs lost with this closure.”

President Trump’s vow to bring back clean coal to America through deregulation won’t save the plant in time.

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