Saturday, May 6, 2017

Reforming presidential pensions: another view

At Hot Air by JAZZ Shaw --

Yesterday we saw another outbreak of calls to reform the presidential pension system, first established through The Former Presidents Act of 1958. Ruth Marcus wrote a forceful piece on this subject in the Washington Post and our own Ed Morrissey chimed in largely siding with her. There was a fair amount of debate taking place on social media and I was part of it, mostly on the opposite side.

But that doesn’t mean I disagreed with everything under discussion. The slush fund for POTUS pensions has a number of layers and since it’s all funded by the taxpayer the program is obviously subject to criticism. In addition to the basic stipend former presidents receive, there’s the Secret Service coverage and all of the so-called “office expenses” they can use to run their own future political affairs office. Let’s take a look at what Ed concluded in that regard.

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