Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Report : Obama Funded Terror Group Hezbollah to the Tune of $600 Million


$600 million of Obama’s “gift” to Iran is going to terrorist group Hezbollah.

From GOPDailyDose
Last year, Barack Obama administration turned over $1.7 billion to Iran in two separate transactions.

The first installment was $400 million in hard cash, flown out on a Revolutionary Guard plane in the dark of night.

The transfer amounted to partial payment of a ransom of four Iranian-Americans and, when it was uncovered, the Obama administration said it was Iran’s money and it would be used to improve their economy.

He also released 21 or more Iranian spies as a goodwill gesture. Congress is now investigating that activity because it is said to have severely damaged his own counterterrorism unit.

After the transfer, then-secretary of state John Kerry admitted at least some of it would be used for terror.

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