Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Establishment Gets Their Special Counsel

RUSH: The news of the day, the independent… No, no, no. The special counsel. Not the independent investigator, not the special investigator, not the independent prosecutor, not the special prosecutor.
The special counsel. It’s a guy named Robert Mueller, who’s run the FBI. He’s done everything. He’s the epitome of an establishment guy, who happens to be approved of and highly rated by everybody involved. I understand the Trump White House was only given a 30-minute heads up yesterday that the Department of Justice was gonna go the special counsel route.

RUSH: Okay, let’s now head to the independent — sorry: The special counsel. I don’t know what your reaction to this was. I was kind of surprised. It caught me off guard. These last couple days or three days, folks, have been hectic and distracting for me. But when I heard this yesterday afternoon, I thought, “What the hell happened? Who did this? I mean, the only people clamoring for this are the Democrats! What the hell?” My initial reaction was, “Why do the Democrats get what they want in every damn one of these things?” Then I had to stop and catch myself. It’s not just the Democrats.

It is the Washington establishment. This is exactly what this is. As I looked at it, digested more, I started reading this universal love and admiration for Robert Mueller. And I started saying, “Everybody’s happy with this! This is the most acceptable outcome there could have been. There couldn’t have been a better choice. There couldn’t have been anybody better to look into this because the result, whatever he’s gonna come up with, is going to be universally accepted.” Okay, do you really want to tell me…? You want me to believe that if — and I’m not even sure we’re ever gonna get this.


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