Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Final Top Tier Intel Black Hat Leaker Removed…

Conservative Treehouse /by Sundance

It was eight months ago when we first began discussing the “White Hats” -vs- “Black Hats” within the intelligence apparatus.  It was obvious there was a battle going on within the  ‘intelligence’ and ‘justice’ systems per se’ between two distinct groups, mostly centered around political leaks within the IC:
  • A Black Hat: is a self-serving entity, person or organization, that is corrupt, deceitful, manipulative, exploitative, and working for their own power and interests.  A bad entity.
  • A White Hat: is an altruistic entity, person or organization, that is foundationally grounded on truth, honesty, and clear definitions of right and moral wrong.  A good entity.
The four primary agencies who drove the media narrative were: CIA, DNI, FBI and NSA.

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