Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The president vs. the intelligence community


NYPOST/by Micheal Letter

North Korea. Iran. The Islamic State. Russian meddling and aggression. Chinese influence. Global cyber-insecurity. The list of national-security challenges and potential flash points facing the United States and our allies is long and deeply worrying.

But increasingly we face a more foundational national security crisis that is of our own making: the breakdown of trust between the president and our critical national security agencies — the FBI, CIA, National Security Agency and others. This crisis of distrust and dysfunction will weaken our ability to protect US interests around the globe and put vital international cooperation at risk.

Since his election, President Trump’s words and actions have often put him deeply at odds with his national-security agencies. First, there was the near-constant stream of disparaging tweets, many of which made accusations that were nothing short of fighting words.

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