Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Week in Radical Leftism – 5/12/2017

Flopping Aces/by Brother Bob

Last week you all caught my lament of blogging in the Trump era – stupidity happens so quickly that it’s become nearly impossible to write a commentary piece before it’s two days behind the news cycle. And then it finally hit me – this stupidity is not going to end as long as Donald Trump is our  president, and possible ever! As I’ve been saying for many years, “Where there is no solution there is no problem.” So instead of fighting the news cycle, I’ve decided to embrace it. Unless there is mass objection this might become a weekly feature – if you love the idea or hate it feedback is most welcome!

5/7 – Lefties have been using A Handmaid’s Tale to pretend that it’s an allegory for how western nations treat women. I’ll give Kurt Schlichter’s response that he posted last week:

“The most hilarious part is the super-timely and relevant Handmaid’s Tale miniseries, a festival of imagined oppression porn designed to give frigid liberal women and their neutered male-identifying partners some much-needed bitter jollies.

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