Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trump Slams NatSec Advisor McMaster For Following Protocol And Honoring Deal With South Korea.

DailyWire/by MQazvini 

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is losing favor with President Donald Trump. Joining the White House in the wake of the controversial Michael Flynn scandal, McMaster was initially hailed as the man who would bring back order and stability to the national security team. But as it turns out, the seasoned general may be too by-the-book for the renegade Commander-in-Chief.

Citing three White House officials, Bloomberg’s Eli Lake reported Monday that Trump scolded McMaster over the phone after he found out that the general had called South Korean officials and assured them that the United States would honor its commitment to pay for a new missile defense system. Trump reportedly came across the news after reading The Wall Street Journal.

“These officials say Trump screamed at McMaster on a phone call, accusing him of undercutting efforts to get South Korea to pay its fair share,” notes Lake.

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