Friday, May 5, 2017

Trumpcare — a dog’s breakfast of a bill: Our view USA Today

USA Today Editorial Board

The Republican health care bill that passed by a 217-213 vote Thursday in the House is likely to be studied for generations as an example of how not to legislate.

This measure was neither subjected to hearings nor debated in committee. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, which estimated that a previous version would have resulted in 24 million fewer people having insurance, has not "scored" its impact. Although the plan would have life-and-death consequences and reshape a big chunk of the economy, it was slammed through after a mere three hours of debate. No effort at bipartisan compromise was attempted.

The GOP measure is both bad policy and, despite Thursday's Rose Garden celebration, bad politics. If adopted by the Senate, it would end health coverage for millions of Americans. It would also force Republicans running in competitive districts to defend a plan that ends Americans’ right to buy health insurance regardless of a previous condition.


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