Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump’s presidency facing monumental failure unless he wises up pronto

NyPost by John Podhoretz

Right now, the very best you can say about Donald Trump is that he stinks at this whole president thing — in large part because he keeps creating trouble for himself and entirely on his own.
Yes, the media are against him. Yes, the Democrats want his scalp. But everyone inclined to indulge President Trump in his self-pity about how he’s being badly treated by others in Washington and badly served by his own staff is ignoring the basic facts of the political situation he is bungling at present like no one has bungled it before.

He just won an election and his party controls both chambers of Congress. If he were any good at this president thing he would be able to convert both of these advantages into facts on the ground — into legislative and procedural successes that would stymie the media attacks and throw Democrats on the defensive.

Instead, it’s his own party that’s on the defensive. It’s his own party that is terrified of acting. It’s his own party that cannot make sense of what he wants. They can do many things for him and he can do many things for them and they don’t and he doesn’t because he’s too busy lighting fires on which he then pours gasoline.


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