Saturday, May 6, 2017

Why Do People Watch the Sunday Political Talk Shows?

By Jack Shaw

Why Do People Watch the Sunday Political Talk Shows? I don't know, it seems like a waste of time.

I haven't watched a Sunday Show as they are called for at least a year. For the person who has a slightly higher interest in politics than the average citizen are they may be watching to see the story line that each party will push in the next week. But couldn't you wait until later Sunday night get a recap many friendly source had recaps of what was said?

Wouldn't it be the same story line be available Monday morning?

Why do people watch the Sunday political talk shows if the snotty Media anchor types upset you so much. Many of you have college degrees, or are just smart people who are up on things.You also read web sites you trust on the net, listen to talk radio. You are probably better informed than the smug news anchor you are watching. so you don't need to watch these clowns onSunday shows.

The audience for these shows is made up mostly of the Media itself, they love to watch each other on TV and tell each other how brilliant they are. The Media tunes in to see who won between the hand to hand combat between anchors and the guests. Who's story prevailed? Who looked weak and unprepared? Who won the arguments even though they were wrong in their point to begin with?

Why give the Left all of Sundayanother chance to push a point of view, that they failed make after having an entire week to make a their case? On these shows the Media always gets the last word, and you really knew what it was beforehand.

Why does the Right do these shows when the don't have to? Why expose yourself to attacks?
That is plain dumb.

If the Right stopped doing these shows Sunday shows the shows would disappear. The Left would have no answer for this new strategy and it would take away a big weapon. I would take away an entire day of news for the Left. What would they do? Be lost.

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