Tuesday, June 27, 2017

ACTION ALERT: Prince William MEGA MOSQUE debate tonight 6PM, James J. McCourt Bld--Islamic supremacists destroying a quiet, residential neighborhood

From:Pamela Geller.com
A hearing on yet another mega-mosque project in Virginia, America is scheduled for tonight in Prince William County, Virginia for 6 p.m.  at the James J. McCourt Building, 1 County Complex Ct, Woodbridge, VA 22192. GO.

Nokesville is all farm land and houses. The population as of 2016 and 2017 is a total of 1354 residents. So where are all the Muslims coming from who will be filling that 22,500+ square foot mosque? A 22,500 square feet fortress for a hundred Muslims? Nokesville is just south of Manassas, VA, where there are already three mosques, more than enough to accommodate all the Muslims who live in Prince William County.

Here again we see Islamic supremacists destroying a quiet, residential neighborhood. Demands for respect, tolerance and submission from the kuffar (non-Muslims) are coupled with contempt and disrespect for the kuffar. The opposition is not to the mosque per se, but to mega-structures, beachheads to spread Islam, going up on small, residential streets obliterating the quality of life and tranquility of residential living. City councils and local politicians have been co-opted, in many cases, bought and paid for, by the Islamic supremacist organizations behind these rabats. This is an Islamic pattern we see time and time again, in Sheepshead Bay, DuPage, Alexandria, Murfreesboro, Temecula, Bloomington, and now Prince William county.

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