Tuesday, June 27, 2017

BREAKING: Trump Requests All 52 Republican Senators To White House Meeting at 4:00pm…


At: Conservative Treehouse by Sundance
In an effort to break the intransigence of Republican Senators who refuse to vote approval for the senate healthcare reform/replace bill, President Trump met with Senator Rand Paul earlier this afternoon.  President Trump is trying to get the #NeverTrumper’s to support the 3 step approach.

The Senate version of the Freedom Caucus (Cruz, Lee, etc), and Senators from states who are now entirely addicted to federal medicaid spending, are not willing to support legislation that doesn’t: A.) give them a full repeal, and B.) give them even more Obamacare money, respectively.

Because of the intransigence of both oppositional sides within the Republican Senate, it now appears a vote is not going to take place this week.

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