Thursday, June 1, 2017

Commentary: The Left is Winning


CBS NEWS  by Will Rahn

Here's an argument that seems unavoidable yet endlessly debatable: In American politics, progressives are winning, and have been for some time. When it comes to economic policy in particular, every day it seems the Overton Window skews a few more millimeters leftward, and there's virtually no sign this trend will reverse itself in the near future.

There are obvious rebuttals to this, first among them that the GOP is far and away America's dominant party. Donald Trump is in the White House, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell run Congress, and dozens of states are under unified Republican control.

But the strength of the Republican Party is probably a lagging indicator of where the country is actually heading. For starters, let's look at who's winning the battle of ideas in the Democratic Party right now. As Ben Smith recently noted, the answer is the left faction surrounding Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren,

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