Monday, June 26, 2017

‘Deep State’ Leaks Secret U.S. Cyber Weapon To Undermine Trump’s Russia Options

The first thing to be said about the latest leak about a U.S. anti-Russia Cyber Weapon through the always-compliant Washington Post is that, if it’s true, its authors from inside the U.S. government have once again egregiously violated their security oaths and endangered their country.
Leaking national secrets has become such a cottage industry that the obvious question is, Who needs the Russians?

In the case of the latest leak, the ultimate topic is cyber tools that Obama reportedly ordered planted in Russia’s infrastructure, to enable the U.S. to escalate a cyber-war against Moscow if he or the next president deemed that necessary. (Notably, when Obama hinted at the potential for this in October, I blew the idea a raspberry for sheer irresponsibility.  Just making heroic claims about it in public statements is irresponsible enough.  You don’t pull this one unless you’re going to use it for a very decisive purpose.)

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