Friday, June 30, 2017

Democrats and Republicans Are Not Morally Equivalent

At American Spectator
The recent attempted mass assassination of Republican congressmen and its aftermath reveals much about differences between Democrats and Republicans. It’s a difference that Democrats are doing their best to pretend does not exist.

One of the ways Democrats are attempting to escape any responsibility for the shooter’s motives is by using one of their favorite and most insidious subterfuges — “moral equivalence.” Democrats are doing their level best to convince everyone that Democrats and Republicans are equally responsible for the poisonous atmosphere currently rampant in our culture.

The event ought to be an enormous indictment of the Democrat party and the left. There is what should be an obvious and blatant difference between the two parties.

It simply would not occur to a Republican to make a Democrat president symbolically an assassinated Julius Caesar, as they have been doing with their Shakespeare in the Park presentation in New York City this spring. We simply don’t think that way. There isn’t that much hate in our hearts. Any haters in the Republican Party are outliers. The haters on the left are mainstream.

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