Sunday, June 25, 2017

Do Republicans Even Remember Why Obamacare Should Be Repealed?

(Red State) Republicans have forgotten why repealing Obamacare is important and they have a leader in President Trump who probably never even knew in the first place. All we are hearing now is about how Obamacare is failing, which is true, but it is not the reason why conservatives have been demanding its repeal since the day it was passed. Obamacare At its beginning, the erroneously named “Affordable Care Act” triggered a resurgence of belief in Constitutionally limited government. Thousands if not millions of people began studying the Founding Fathers again. The people who opposed Obamacare and the underhanded way it was created and passed marched on Washington because they recognized it as a federal overreach.

It was a power grab that robbed individuals of their liberty. One sixth of the American economy was being subordinated to the federal government with the promise that health care would be cheaper; better; and if you liked what you already had, it wouldn’t change for you.

More at Red State
by Jim Jamitis

JS: Red State is mostly ant-Trump. This post makes very good points on the HCBill.

The Donald Trump I voted for was a political outsider. 

The proposed HCBill is a Republican Party, Big Government
I was expecting Donald trump to have as little to do with the Republican Party
as possible. I wanted health care to be market-based with consumer getting their health care directly from health insurance companies that would compete with each other.

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