Saturday, June 10, 2017

Estimate: Trump administration has granted amnesty to 192 DREAMers — per day

JS  Who is in charge of how many immigrants or refugees are coming into America a year?
We have this Dreamers story and we have stories about a seperate GOP funded refugee resettlemnent program that is allowing 70,00 regugees into the country in 2017.
How is bringing in MORE refugees making America safe from Slaughter?


You can understand the White House allowing DACA renewals to continue, argues Mark Krikorian, for the sake of avoiding a political headache while they’re busy with health care and tax reform.

But why would President Borderhawk allow new applicants to take advantage of Obama’s still-not-yet-canceled executive amnesty? Why not close the program to new enrollees until Congress address the issue?

[D]uring the first three months of this year, USCIS has approved 107,524 DACA renewals and 17,275 new applications. 

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