Thursday, June 15, 2017

Evergreen State College vows to create social justice warriors in teaching program

100 percent employment for grads in ‘teaching positions’

(College Fix) Aspiring teachers who yearn to push social justice principles onto their students have until June 25 to apply for Evergreen State College’s Master in Teaching (MIT) program.

The two-year program is based at Evergreen’s campus in Tacoma, Washington, half an hour from the recent racial controversies at its main campus in Olympia. MIT promises to prepare the next generation of K-12 educators not only to do their jobs as teachers, but to incorporate social justice into every aspect of their curriculum.

The program’s philosophy is simple: One of the paramount goals of education is to create citizens who “care about equity and justice for all beings,” according to a statement by J. Patrick Naughton, the program director, in the program catalog.

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