Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pres Trump--Forget the Travel Ban--Halt All Immigration, Revet Immigrants from last 8 years 'Obama' Years

By Jack Shaw 

After the slaughter in London over the weekend it's time to make sure similar terror attacks don't happen in America. Only Muslims have been responsible for terror attacks world wide.  Vetting hasn't stopped terror attacks, For America a new approach is needed.

Pres Trump --Forget the Travel ban.Use your legal powers to Halt all U.S. immigration for 2 years. 
This is well within your presidential powers, no judicial approval needed.

In the 'No Immigration' period police, FBI should reinterview all immigrants that have come into America during the eight Obama years. Deport any found to be a threat or anyone found in American illegally.

By the way, the travel ban would not have stopped refugees in the resettle refugee programs, funded by Republicans.Those people are in a special category. Besides that the State Dept in the past few weeks have been quietly allowing in thousands of more refugees that Obama. 

Below is a post on President Trumps feelings of the travel ban.


Trump Calls His Executive Order A "Travel Ban" Just Moments After The London Bridge Attack --A Justification

At Buzz Feed

President Donald Trump tried to garner support for his legally challenged travel ban, just moments after suspected terror attacks in London Saturday, referencing the violent incidents as a justification for the executive order.

Trump's tweet, connecting the London attack to the travel executive order currently tied up in the courts, was his first public statement concerning the violent incidents Saturday.  

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