Saturday, June 3, 2017

It Begins – German Auto Makers Fear Losing Competitive Advantage Over U.S…

At Conservative Treehouse by Sundance
For those following along over the past two years this will not come as a surprise. European manufacturers understand the entire foundation for the Paris Treaty was about economics, economic advantages and the transfer of economic strength away from the U.S., not climate.  Specifically for Germany the outlook is especially troubling.

First, Germany will be the primary EU country to fill the financial void from the U.K. leaving the EU (Brexit); that financial hole is approximately €15 billion per year.  Secondly, Germany will be faced with having to renegotiate trade deals with the U.S. while they remain encumbered with the regulatory burden of the Paris treaty, while the U.S. negotiators are not.  This is a large advantage for Team America.

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