Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Live in a Typical Kansas town...Until the Mega-Mosque Came was dropped In

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Kansas: Mayor, FBI attend Opening of Mega-Mosque in Overland Park

By Creeping Sharia

Several years ago, all that sat on this vast acreage of farmland was a small home. 
Then Muslims purchased the home BELOW and converted it into a Mega-Mosque.  

Now across the street from a public library and an elementary school sits THIS enormous mega mosque.

Overland Kansas population in 2010 was about 175,000 people.

NOW  Johnson County is home to about 5,000 Muslims. 

Excerpted from Islamo-pandering puff piece on Islam and Muslims. Source: Cross Section Of Community Celebrates New Mosque In Overland Park | KCUR

Crowds streamed into the new classic masjid, Arabic for mosque, at the Islamic Center of Johnson County.

Overland Park Mayor Carl Gerlach did the official honor of cutting a ceremonial ribbon for the construction project, which was conceived a decade ago.

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JS: My question, were the citizens of this Kansas town told there might be a Mega Mosque built in their town and given a chance to votes yes or no if they wanted the Mosque in their town?

Why should the mayor or zoning Comm get decide if Overland Park KS continues to be an typical midwestern type town or have its character changed forever overnight. A Mega Mosque changes everyone's life

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