Saturday, June 3, 2017

'March for Truth' protesters demand independent investigation into Trump's possible Russia ties

JS: We will later find out that most of these protestors were paid to protest by Various special intesest groups that have ties to radical organizations and many tied to George Soros' groups.
They were handed prepaired signs and handed pre protest political chants, code words to use.
The organizaions behind these protests are trying to bring down a U.S. president and should be arrested as terrorists not protestors. 

Marchers took to the streets across the country today, calling for an independent commission to investigate the White House's alleged ties to Russia and demanding that Congress force President Trump to release his tax returns. Organizers said "March for Truth" events were planned in more than 135 cities, including New York, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and London.

"People have to understand that this is a president who not only is trying to lead a coverup of his own Russia ties, but he has a problem with the truth in general," Andrea Chalupa, an organizer with the March for Truth, told ABC News. "So we're here standing up for the truth." 

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