Friday, June 16, 2017

Money Laundering Charges Are Added to the Assault on Trump Associates

Independent Sentinel| by S. Noble

Yesterday, an “anonymous source” told the Washington Post that the investigation into the president is morphing from a look into “collusion” to a look at “obstruction of justice.” That is the case Jim Comey laid out during his testimony for Mueller last week. We later heard there were “five” anonymous sources. In addition, Mueller is branching off and looking into money laundering by the Trump team.

Meanwhile, unless it’s another fake news story, Mueller or his team are leaking classified information and no one cares. Is this the kind of nation we are?

If Mueller doesn’t seek out and prosecute these leakers, expect the worst from this investigation. That’s if the story is true.

The New York Times, meanwhile, reported another leak Tuesday night that Mueller was also looking into possible money laundering by Trump campaign staffers and associates. The NY Times reports:

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