Thursday, June 1, 2017

NY Times Now Giving Out Tips for ‘Undocumented’ to Stay in 'Draconian' U.S. Illegally

At NewsBusters   by Clay Waters

The New York Times will never stop pushing amnesty for illegal immigrants. In last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, contributing writer and Latino activist Marcela Valdes devoted 6,000 words on the evil of Arizona's crackdown on "undocumented" (illegal) immigrants, and how to resist U.S. immigration law: “Is It Possible To Resist Deportations In The Age of Trump?” The text box: “Living under draconian state laws, Arizona activists honed an effective strategy for keeping undocumented immigrants in the country. Can the same tools still work today?”

Apparently, America is the only country not allowed to have a border, and a media outlet feels free to broadcasting tips on resisting law enforcement (which is not exactly how the paper treated conservative gay marriage opponents in Kentucky, after the Supreme Court made it the law of the land).

Valdes followed the saga of Guadalupe García Aguilar, the first person deported under “President Donald Trump’s new executive orders on immigration.”

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