Sunday, June 25, 2017

Obama’s silence about Russian cyberattacks is a disservice to his countrymen

From BizPackReview
Here's the news bulletin from President Barack Obama in 2016 that you never saw: “Beware a national security threat! Russian cyberattacks trying to hack into America’s national elections systems.”

You should have seen such an announcement, but you never did. Because Obama never sent it, even though the CIA told him about the recurrent attacks months before the presidential election. The Russians made efforts to hack into the electronic elections systems in 21 states, and to wage internet misinformation campaigns during election season.

Obama knew about the Russian interventions, but he said nothing to the American people about it.  And, Obama’s administration failed to stop Russia’s meddling in our elections. Instead, later on, Obama and his political party promoted and supported the idea that Trump or his election team were colluding with the Russians during th

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