Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sen. Mike Lee lays out what GOP healthcare bill needs to get his vote

(WExaminer) Conservative Sen. Mike Lee further explained his opposition to Senate Republican's healthcare bill in a statement Friday night in which he called the effort "far short" of an Obamacare repeal.
"Far short of 'repeal,' the Senate bill keeps the Democrats' broken system intact, just with less spending on the poor to pay for corporate bailouts and tax cuts," said Lee, R-Utah, bemoaning that conservatives have "compromised on every substantive question in the bill."

"A cynic might say that the [bill] is less a Republican health care bill than a caricature of a Republican health care bill," Lee added.

"For all my frustrations about the process and my disagreements with the substance of [the bill], I would still be willing to vote for it if it allowed states and/or individuals to opt out of the Obamacare system free-and-clear to experiment with different forms of insurance, benefits packages, and care provision options," Lee said.

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