Saturday, June 24, 2017

The AP Runs Interference for Comey and Mueller [with comment by Paul]

(Powerline) President Trump noted that James Comey and Robert Mueller are “very, very good friends…which is bothersome.” So the Associated Press sprang into action to defend the two men now locked in a death struggle with the president.
The AP vouches for the extraordinary, perhaps unprecedented, integrity of the men who are trying to bring down our duly elected president. In the AP’s telling, they are:

…somber-faced and demanding…

…more approachable and outwardly affable…

…both command a wealth of respect in the law enforcement and legal community.

…both known for their integrity and self-assuredness…

…Comey describ[ed] Mueller as “one of the finest people I’ve ever met.

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 Trump, needless to say, is not referred to in such glowing terms.

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