Friday, June 23, 2017

The GOP's Obamacare: Out: Repeal & replace. In: Copy & paste.

ConservativeReview| by David Horowitz

Did Senate Republicans really need to spend a month behind closed doors, incurring the ire of the American people, just to copy and paste Obamacare? Are all these senators too old to know where the copy/paste functions are?

There will be tremendous acrimony between the two parties in the ensuing days over Obamacare, because they both need to play to their constituencies and continue the binary fight club racket reminiscent of WWE. However, in reality, nobody is repealing Obamacare, nobody is addressing the core health care issues in America, and nobody is offering a vision of freedom, prosperity, and a solvent health care and health insurance market. Everything is working within the confines of the most extreme socialist baseline from the Obama era.

What is Obamacare?

To avoid the endless semantics, lies, and perfidious distortions from GOP leadership on how they are “repealing” Obamacare, let’s briefly describe the law.
Obamacare comprises five core elements related to health insurance (putting aside the burdens on health care itself): actuarily insolvent regulations; open-ended, means-tested subsidies; Medicaid expansion; the employer and individual mandates; and the tax increases.

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