Monday, June 5, 2017

The Republican Dilemma--Trump Loyalty

JS: Mr Caruso is correct that the GOP has a Delemma. He hits the nail on the head in his sub heading:  

GOP leaders are stuck trying to rein in Trump’s excesses without alienating their own primary voters, who are largely standing by their president.

In Georgia and nationwide not much has changes in people's feelings about Trump since he became president. His followers still will never waver no matter if Trump puts up crazy tweets or says unusual things off the cuff. The Trump base has grown since the president has attacked the press, bombed ISIS and pulled out of the Paris agreement.And any attempt to rein in Trump not only will fail but fuel even more hatred for McConnell and Paul Ryan, who are seen as establishment traitors.
The Republicans are still not in charge and the media still doesn't get the Trump loyalty.
I look for the Republican candidate to win in Ga.

At The Atlantic  by Jay Caruso

Several miles off Route 41 in Bartow County, Georgia, is the downtown area of Cartersville.

Here, the firing of James Comey arouses not support or opposition, but rather, indifference. Nobody I spoke with cared either way; it doesn't affect them or their families. People shrugged when asked about Trump's tweetstorms. Most agreed that press treatment of Trump is too harsh. Overall, the focus for Trump voters here is the big picture: the economy, jobs, and border security.

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