Thursday, June 1, 2017

The White House Daily Briefing As We Know It Died Yesterday

At The Daily Wire  by Joseph Curl

President George W. Bush called it "peacocking."
Peacocking is when reporters covering the White House play to the camera, ask long-winded questions that are more biased opinion than query, all in the hope of becoming a star. Think one-time rising "journalist" David Gregory, once of NBC News, who made his name by peacocking at every press conference, like this time in 2006.

Enter President Trump. The 49 seats in the White House briefing room are packed to the gills with liberal reporters, all trying to make a name, up their Twitter followers, and get on that A-list invite list for parties in Georgetown thrown by the movers and shakers inside the Beltway. So, each one is gunning for Press Secretary Sean Spicer every day, and now, it seems, nothing is off limits.

On Tuesday, the briefing was an absolute free for all, with reporters haranguing Spicer for 30 minutes until the spokesman had simply had enough.
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