Monday, June 26, 2017

Tom Cotton: US has to win nuclear 'arms race' with Russia and China

From TheWExaminer by Joel Gerke
U.S. military researchers "are on the cusp of some pretty major breakthroughs" in missile defense that are necessary to win potential wars with China and Russia, according to a leading Republican lawmaker.
"It's better to win an arms race than lose a war," Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., told the Center for the National Interest on Monday.

Cotton, an Army infantry veteran who sits on the Armed Services Committee, anchored that statement in Russia's ongoing violation of arms control treaty governing the development of intermediate-range nuclear weapons. But that violation is emblematic of a broader problem. Technological advances have rendered the Cold War principle of mutally-assured-destruction insufficient to avert the nuclear war. Russia and China, he said, have already developed plans for "limited" use of nuclear weapons to win conventional wars. And that requires an overhaul of U.S. defenses, according to the lawmaker.

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