Saturday, June 24, 2017

WaPo Anon Source at CIA: Putin Gave Direct Orders to Help Elect Donald Trump

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I do not mean to be flippant when dismissing the never-ending barrage of anonymous sources inside the CIA who leak to the Washington Post. I'm sure there are good agents who are protecting Americans from foreign meddlers. But the optics of these leaks is terrible. Truth is, I sometimes think they're doing this to make the main stream media look even worse -- to lend an air of bias to the reporting rooms to dissuade Americans from trusting them. After all, Washpo, MSNBC, CNN and the NY Times are in the business of appealing to all people, not just the one's who agree with them. Do they realize the irreversible damage they're inflicting upon their organizations by publishing suspicious anonymous leaks designed to take down a democratically elected President?

If Russia truly wanted to hurt America, they could not do more than what the main stream media is doing now, peddling stories that are infuriating half the country.

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