Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Was the Rep Steve Scalise Shooting the Start of Civil War? Was it start of The People's Overthrow of Congress?

By Jack Shaw

House Majority Whip  Steve Scalise, a congressional aide and two Capitol police officers were shot by a gunman at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria. Va.

My question is Was the Rep Steve Steve Scalise Shooting the Start of Civil War? Was it start of The People's Overthrow of Congress? Was it the result of the Hate that has been revved up by Democrats and Sorosacrats towards President Trump and all Republicans. The shooting could easily be the end results of any the three choices I have given.

There will be a civil war in our country maybe before President Trump leaves office or during, after, the left removes President Trump from office. The many millions of Trump voters will push back hard at any attempt to remove Trump, a legally elected President. One thing will lead to another, shots will be fired and the Civil War is on. It won't take much to start it. The Right want their 'red white and blue, America. back. Folks on the right will not allow this country to be transformed to a third world, flooded with immigrants nation.

The Scalise shooting also could be easily the result of the Trump hate and hysteria drummed up by the media, Hollywood, the Colleges, the we are the world community or one of the many Soros' organizations, all enraged since day one of the Trump victory.

Another possibility that may have caused the shooting, people overthrowing the Congress is a new idea. Again, millions of voters elected a new president last November. This president was going to transform America back to what it was before Barack Obama. Restore America  to its glory days of being the #1 .

The people now see that Congress, both sides, together as working against President Trump.
Citizens know Congress does not represent them but work for the Super Donor Class.People know Congress can't be voted out and that term limits will never pass. And the people know there will never be another Donald Trump that beats the system and becomes president.

How do We the People overthrow the whole Congress, the system, the establishment?
I hope the Scalise shooting was not a warning of things to come.

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